June 13, 2021

By Tayla Jayne Photography

The Moments in Between

Planning the Perfect Wedding

As an engaged couple, you’ve almost certainly been told, “your wedding day will go by so quickly”…

At the end of that long, perfect day – post-setting up, hair & make-up calls, fielding sloppy kisses from aunts, re-applying make-up, and so on… – you will likely wonder, “Where did the day go?” as you lay exhausted in bed with your new spouse and eating cake. 

There is so much pressure (admittedly, often self-inflicted) to make the day ‘perfect’, that you have probably plan, plan, planned the wedding to within an inch of its life. 

Sound familiar?

While this makes for an absolutely flawless day for your guests, which they will gush about for years to come, what will you remember about the day? 

Will you have time to experience and savor each carefully executed little moment to its fullest? 

Here’s where a good photographer can help. 

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Searching for the ‘perfect’ photographer requires comparing apples and oranges, as the wedding market well and truly holds a plethora of photographers, all with varying styles, price points, skill-sets and experience levels.

How can you possibly choose?

Style is subjective. You do need to find a photographer that you ‘click’ with and a photography style that matches your ‘vibe’ (romantic, classic, boho, edgy, laid back, etc.). 

Undoubtedly, price and availability will also affect your decision. 

However, it’s important to consider some other key, yet often forgotten about, points.

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover Shot 

When you first make contact with any photographer (whether online, at an expo or by appointment), their portfolio will likely be one of the first things offered to you and/or requested by you.

You will likely be guided through a carousel of impressive ‘money shots’ – classic, hero shots of couples atop mountains with the wind sweeping through veils and a volcano in the background. If this is your dream shoot, perfect! 

However, if you prefer a more laid-back or journalistic style, it is important to find a photographer whose work reflects this.

Timing is Everything

Any wedding shoot needs to be a careful balance of time versus quality – neither should be sacrificed for the other. 

You only have so much time on your wedding day! 

How much time would you like to allocate to your photo shoot? What do you value?

If it’s your dream to go trekking up Mount Nathan or wading through scrubland and waiting for the perfect light on sundown, look for a photographer who can cater for this. 

If this is not important to you, make sure you discuss your wishes with your photographer and other providers (e.g. Wedding Planner) in advance, so your day can be scheduled accordingly.

Do you need to go off-site?  

If it is more important to you to spend more time with your guests, investigate whether there are any on-site/nearby backdrops that could provide you with shots you will love.

Taking an additional few hours out of your schedule to go on a location shoot may mean losing time dancing with your besties, catching up with family from overseas or simply trying that expensive meal package you’ve paid for (trust me, you will be starving). If these are the things that matter most to you, you may need to discuss some alternatives with your photographer.

Can you spare this extra time? Do you want to?

If your answer is ‘yes’, great, book this type of photographer and you will have some amazing photos to look back on.

If your answer is no, you may need to re-think the photographer you choose. This doesn’t mean skimping on quality; it just means switching styles. 

(Remember, grand shoots can also be done on another day or as an engagement shoot, so you actually don’t even have to choose.)

Those Special Moments 

Do you want a few epic shots or is it more important to you to have many funny/tender/quirky/unique/natural moments captured on film?

When the glamour of the big day has worn off, which moments will you look back on and show your children (or even grandchildren)?

Over the years, so many of my couples have told me their favourite shots are not the money shots at all, but the little moments in-between: the stolen kiss captured when no-one was looking, the look on your spouse’s face as you walk down the aisle, the joy on your children’s faces as your marriage is made official, nanna having one too many champagnes or the best man trying to do ‘the worm’ on the dance floor.

It doesn’t matter what you decide – there is no right or wrong. 

It only matters that your photo shoot best captures the moments you will look back on, laugh, cry and cherish forever, long after friends and family have passed on.

Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing a Photographer

Will the photographer capture every candid moment or are they focused on the artistry of a few key shots? What do you prefer?

Will they capture the moments you have missed out on (there will always be some), so you can look back on them later with friends and family (and hear some classic stories)? 

Will your photos make you smile and fill your heart with joy for years to come?

These are important questions to ask yourself to ensure your dream wedding reflects YOU, YOUR vision and YOUR special moments. 

There is no wrong answer regarding the style of your dream wedding, it’s just important to clarify – and ensure you get – what you actually want.

The Next Step

If you would like a beautiful and natural shoot that perfectly captures your individuality as a couple, please feel free to check out my portfolio. If you would like to make a booking or need more information – get in touch!

Wishing you the most beautiful wedding of your dreams and treasured memories for many years to come.

Tayla x